Trade Mark Authorization of Agent Form

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(Rule 15 (2))



We, , a corporation duly organized under the laws of , have appointed BARROW & WILLIAMS of Equity House, 84 Albert Street, Belize City, Belize to act in our stead as agents to make application in our name in Belize for and to obtain registration, renewal, and/or recordal of trademarks and for the said purpose to sign all documents, either in our name or in the name of the said Agents, and to do and perform all other matters and things for the purpose of amending such application, and any document, whether originally signed by us or otherwise, in such manner as may be regarded as expedient and request that all notices, requisitions and communications relating thereto be sent to the agent at the above address.

We hereby revoke all previous authorisations, if any, in respect of the same matter or proceeding.

We hereby declare that we are a corporation incorporated in.

Dated this day of , 20


We also authorize the said Barrow & Williams to request the entry of an address for service as part of any registration obtained under the above authorization.

Dated this day of , 20


To be signed by Proprietor or person authorizing agent: .



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