Asset Tracing & Asset Protection

Barrow & Williams knows the importance of a prompt and effective response to clients in need of asset tracing and asset protection services. We employ creative strategies to uncover information and trace assets through complex ownership structures. Our range of expertise in asset tracing includes title investigation into assets and corporate entities and obtaining disclosure and similar orders such as Anton Piller and Mareva Injunctions. We are also experienced in investigating transactions that are unique to offshore environments.

Barrow & Williams understands the need for prudent and secure asset management to give our clients comfort and peace of mind. We provide our clients with asset protection advice and services and work closely with our sister Company Alpha Services Limited, a licensed Trust Corporation to provide proactive asset management solutions. Alpha Services Limited specializes in a vast array of offshore services such as offshore company formation and administration, trusts formation and administration, nominee shareholders, and agency services. We have vast experience in the creation of vehicles/entities for asset protection to cater to our client’s individual needs.