Barrow & Williams has developed extensive experience in handling litigious matters. We cover a wide range of personal, commercial and corporate disputes and routinely handle complex cross border disputes. Our attorneys have represented clients at all levels of the court system with some of our advocates having represented clients before the Privy Council, formerly the highest appellate court. We are committed our client’s case at all stages and pride ourselves in crafting the best strategies and solutions for our clients needs. To that end, we also employ the use of alternative dispute resolution mechanism where appropriate and have on board Attorneys who are also certified mediators.

We have significant experience in handling complex multi-million dollar disputes as well as obtaining or resisting a wide variety of pre-emptive remedies. Our litigation practice includes representing our clients interest in the gamut of matters including, Contract, Insurance (both for insurers or insureds),Contentious and Non- Contentious Probate/Succession Litigation and Interim Applications, Contentious Divorce Litigation and Division of Matrimonial Assets, breach of specific agreements, joint venture and development arrangements, bills of sales, recovery of possession of properties, compulsory acquisition, squatters rights, recovery of condominium fees, maintenance fees, and breach of restrictive covenants, zoning and land use. We also handle debt collection and recognition and enforcement of judgments.