Practice Areas

Labour and Employment

At Barrow & Williams we advise clients from across the sector on labour and employment issues in a variety of matters covering the employment relationship. We are skilled in dealing with issues that are both sensitive and complex. Our expertise includes labour law advice, employment contracts, helping employers comply with statutory obligations and avoid litigation, advice on the legal rights and responsibilities with respect to dismissal and redundancies, pension and contributory schemes, alternative dispute resolution, disciplinary actions, dealing with and on behalf of trade unions, assisting with formulating appropriate employment policies, and representation of the employer or employee in an actions alleging breach of the employment obligations both before the courts or the labour tribunal.

Intellectual Property, Trademarks and Patent Agents

Barrow & Williams understands how important it is for clients to distinguish themselves and their products and protect their corporate and intellectual property. As such we know the importance to our clients to protect their designs, logos, product descriptions and we focus our services on helping them meet those needs. We specialize in all areas of trademark law and we assist our clients every step of the way from the application process to timely portfolio management including annual renewals. We also specialize in contentious matters and represent both trademark, patent and copyright holders and those clients wishing to institute a challenge or legal action.

As patent agents we also facilitate clients in the application process to help clients protect their designs, process and new product. We also represent clients in actions regarding patent violations and those seeking or defending against interim relief. We also offer services to investigate into intellectual property rights violations.

We routinely provide the following services:

  • Registration of trademarks, service marks, design marks and patents
  • Assignments and renewals
  • Oppositions and challenges to trademarks

Real Estate

Our firm has extensive expertise in the area of real estate whether it involves dealing with straightforward or complex transactions. We represent a wide array of clients from private individuals, financial institutions, developers, to corporate clients. We offer assistance whether our clients are vendors or purchasers of land, financing a property development or require mortgage assistance or restructuring. We are experienced and skilled in handling all types of transactions including buying and selling residential and commercial property, handling leases and strata /condominium projects. We routinely handle multimillion dollar portfolios/ projects. In order to offer our clients the most comprehensive services we work hand in hand with several real estate brokers and associated service providers.

Our specific real estate expertise includes:

  • Title investigations and due diligence
  • Large subdivisions
  • Drafting and review of real estate transaction documents.
  • Sale of resorts, hotels, lots, condominiums, condominium complexes, farms, undeveloped properties, residence and commercial buildings and estates.
  • Sales of shares
  • Sales of businesses, businesses as a going concern, companies both domestic and overseas
  • Financing and development of land
  • Preparation of loan and security documentation relating to the purchase and development of property
  • Guidance and compliance with central bank regulations
  • Compliance with zoning, building authority, environmental, planning and land use laws and regulations
  • Escrow services
  • Providing title insurance (we are registered with First American Title, Stewart Title and RFG Insurance as approved Attorneys for the purpose of provision of title insurances)

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