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Succession and Estates

Belize Succession and Estate Planning

We are well versed in all facets of estate planning and succession. We are trusted and skilled in handling our clients’ needs in life and death as we offer legal guidance in a sensible, practical way to achieve our clients’ desired outcome.  We serve both local and foreign clients who hold assets in Belize.

We advise our clients on the options available to them under Belize law. As estates practitioners we work closely with clients to help them determine how they would like their assets to be distributed after death and advise them on the best approach to achieve their ultimate objective, and in that regard , we demonstrate our  extensive experience in drafting Wills, Trusts and other testamentary instruments to embody our clients’ wishes.

Kindly fill out our Application form to incorporate a Last Will and Testament and send to us so we may provide you with a fee estimate.

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